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Rayveness takes him in the room and has him disrobe, Justin doesn't understand why he has to disrobe but complies and the massage begins. During the massage Rayveness slowly and teasingly caresses the inside of his thighs with a light, feathery touch, dragging her nails along the inside upper thighs, and ever-so-softly brushing his sack.

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It had been nothing short of torture keeping the news to myself. Turns out, I'd already been three weeks pregnant when I'd kicked Jolie out and Chris and I had broken in my new couch.

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Will you marry me?" I was going to tease him and say I'd think about it. Make some quip about popping the question at Christmas being so passé.

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In back, there would be a simple stem down my spine connecting the parallel lines and a figure-eight weave at the top between my shoulder blades to secure the loose ends.

Too soon, he was done.

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"Dirk proposed Thanksgiving night. " Jolie squeezed my hand, maybe for courage because her own were shaking.

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We both let out broken moans when his flesh touched mine.

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