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"Chris!" I wiggled under him, my right palm futilely pushing between us on his chest.

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You are amazing. " He kissed me.

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I'd done a lot of that this weekend. That night was a repeat of the last.

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I'd not stayed there very often ever since to give Will the space to concentrate.

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The tremors traveling across my skin echoed in my inhale and exhale. A slight shift up caused the backs of his fingers to brush under my breasts.

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The only thought that remained in my head was that I cared he was back. After what seemed like a long time, he whispered, "God, I've missed you so much.

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Spoken to me directly. We hadn't done much talking that night in the hotel, and I'd made myself scarce this past year when they were in the apartment.

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One hand held both of my wrists now.

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