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Nothing really ends batting practice faster than the showboater on performance enhancing drugs.

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I knew right away why you hadn't said anything.

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My left nestled in the curve of his elbow while he held me against his chest.

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Which had been delivered just two weeks ago.

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Then he just sat there staring down at me, his chest rising and falling slightly faster now.

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Holly Berry for the rest of my life?" I sniffed back a tear, and my eyes widened. Of all the things I thought I'd say if he proposed, I probably surprised both of us when I blurted, "The turkey!" Chris chuckled, grappling at me as I tried to climb off the bed.

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"That's when he said he had to admit something about you.

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Maybe I could call in sick on Wednesday and take the rest of the fucking week off. Go back to work next year.

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"Thank you for being so concerned for me, honey. " He kissed me soundly then pulled back.

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