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And as much as I wanted to run to him, I couldn't move from my spot. Primarily because my butt was numb and my feet were tingly.

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I thought my used car was near the end of its life. His appeared to be in worse shape.

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It was like a mutual massage for a couple of minutes while I continued to suck gently on the head of his cock.

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Everything I had planned to say to Jolie-to Dirk if he was present-just slipped away. Chris's hand cupped my hip before his body pressed against my back.

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Inside, chaos didn't even begin to describe the scene. I just stared for a minute, gawking.

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My girlfriend was a proponent of it being very much worth the experience for both of us. She actually did the reverse Prince Albert.

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I watched the hustle and bustle of the crowd swirl around me.

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I just needed a loyal partner. Maybe better direction.

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" Dirk took a step forward, opening his mouth.

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